Self storage

Tips for a Successful Self Storage Experience


Self storage is an industry that provides temporary storage space to residents. This storage space is also known as a storage unit. Essentially, these units are open to rent for those who want to keep their belongings, personal home items (like appliances, blankets, utensils), and more, in storage.

People usually rent storage units when they are about to leave their current residential area for some time, want to go on a long holiday, or have less space at home to keep the items.

Self storage is an excellent industry. If you are among one of those who is going to experience this for the very first time, then you are in the right place. You may wonder if your delicate items such as: photograph frames, glass bowls, and expensive appliances are going to be safe in self storage units, however the purpose of self storage is not only to hold your objects, but is also to keep them safe and damage free.

In this article, I am going to provide some amazing tips that should be easy to implement, and will make your first self storage experience successful and great.

Let’s start!

Packing up boxes for house removal


Tips for Self Storage

  • Avoid placing objects in a haphazard manner.
  • Place your items in a sequence, like dresses on one side, delicate ones on the other side, and appliances in the other corner. This will help you get to the desired object quickly and easily.
  • Apply protective covering such as: plastic sheets, blankets or any other such sheets to the objects being stored.
  • Carefully stack wooden items. It’s better to apply some wood polish or other such liquid to protect the surface from scratches.
  • Use boxes, hangers and plastic wrappers to wrap up your dresses. Sometimes, a storage room can have a specific smell, not an unpleasant one, but still this smell can become part of your dresses and make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Do not keep batteries in your kid’s toys or other tools. Remove them before storing.
  • Do not store any appliance or engine with oil and gasoline inside it. Drain these liquids and then store them dry.
  • If you are going to use boxes for packing, the best way is to label each box. Labeling will greatly help you during unpacking or finding the required item.
  • When it comes to placing furniture, use some paper to cover their legs or place them on pallets. This will ensure that the changing temperature does not have any negative impact on the furniture.
  • Choose a strong lock and locking code to keep your storage safe and secure.

Things to Avoid

Here are important things to avoid. Try follow these pieces of advice to stay both safe and happy:

  • Never give your lock code to anyone. If someone enters or steals your items, the self storage manager is not the one to blame.
  • Do not store food, drinks or any liquid item that is combustible. Rodents and pets are always present in such places, no matter what the management does they can still spoil your items if they find something attractive.
  • Try to avoid using printed newspapers. Even if you are using fresh newspapers, they can still leave a stain on your wrapped item.

Packing up boxes for home removal


Self storage is the best storage solution for your excessive or important items that you may not be able to store at your home. To get the maximum advantage of this storage facility, try your best to act upon the simple tips and advice given above, to avoid any unpleasant experiences.

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