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Moving Houses | The Perks of Using a Removal Company

Moving across the country or even just across the street can feel extremely stressful at times. More and more people decide to leave the packing and transportation of household goods on the hands of specialists. With the perks of having a removal company handling your belongings, it is very compelling to have your move stress free. Regardless of the type of the move, your furniture and household items can be manoeuvred and moved door to door at a really attractive cost. Among the benefits of booking a relocation company, one should consider the following incentives:

Full Packing Service

The most time-consuming part of a move is the packing process of the contents you plan to relocate. If you want to have a stress-free move, you can opt for a full packing service. Trained and experienced movers will bring all the necessary materials and have everything carefully wrapped and packed on the big day. If you plan to move the contents of an entire house, this is definitely the right service you should consider. Not only will you have all your furniture professionally wrapped and handled by trained movers, but they will allocate extra care to the fragile items that you indicate. Some services come with additional wooden crates for expensive or glass belongings such as painting, tables, photo frames, etc. Upon requesting a quote, make sure you mention that certain possession needs extra attention (pianos, musical instruments, paintings, etc.).

Packing Materials

All the large companies on the market include a packing materials deal within their offer. From large boxes to tape and wrapping materials, all can be provided by the removal company you opt for. Moreover, in most cases, you can choose to have the boxes delivered to your home prior to your move, thus having enough time to start packing at your own pace. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t entrust the packing of prized possessions and personal memories, to just anyone, with the right materials you can do it yourself.

Flat Rates Provided Upfront

The common practice within the removal industry implies that your relocation consultant will assess the volume of the items you plan to move and provide a flat fee cost upon the details you advise upon. Since all relocations come with costs not related to the move itself, most of the times knowing how much the removal fee is, well in advance, is a great advantage. This can save you the unpleasant situation of having to pay a much higher price than you had allocated for the move. The even greater benefit is that you can ask for an out of charge home visit quote that will lock the price the surveyor provided, further to the report. This way you can obtain an accurate estimation of the cost and you can organise your budget accordingly.

Storage Service

If you haven’t sealed your house sale yet or the new apartment is not ready to move in and you need to move your belongings out of the way, there is a solution. The majority of the companies providing removal services include a storage facility within the quote they provide. The standard time frame for storage is one month out of charge. If you need to store your furniture for a longer period of time, you can definitely close a good deal with the sale consultant handling your case.

If you are seeking a more comprehensive service, you can also request add-ons included in the package. More and more removal companies include cleaning and maid services, shipment insurance, corporate relocation benefits, assembly and disassembly of large items, to make the experience of moving houses a painless and cost-effective experience. The challenges of moving houses are now a thing of the past with the right assistance of an expert and resourceful team of movers. Get in touch on 01865 744993 to find out more. If you have any question or queries feel free to head over to our contact page, where one of our skilled team members will get back to you as soon as possible.