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How to Take the Stress Out of Moving House

Moving home, as they say, might be one of the most stressful things you ever do. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give in to the statistics! There are plenty of ways you can help to reduce the overall stresses and strains you’ll experience getting packed up and moved on. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Get a Removal Company on Side – ASAP!

A removal company with a good reputation is going to be your number one ally in getting everything up and moving. In most cases, a well-rated removal service will even help you pack up. However, you’re going to need to call and book in with them as soon as possible. Once you have a removal company on your side, you know you can rest easy and start looking at planning for the big moving day.

Prioritise Your Tasks

Rather than muddle all of your moving tasks into one lump or pile, it makes sense to have some kind of order in place if you want to reduce the overall stress involved in the process. Prioritising your tasks, such as deciding which rooms to pack up first, might be one of your best tips. If you’re unsure where to start, ask someone to help you look through the jobs that need doing, and to help you work out critical tasks that should be completed first.

Label Your Boxes!

People don’t always label their boxes when it comes to moving day – strange but true. If you carefully label your boxes and bags with the rooms you’d like them to go into, as well as what’s in them, this can help your moving company team safely transfer them into the spaces you require. This saves you a lot of stress in having to lug things around.

Keep Sensitive Items With You

If you’re worried about losing track of sensitive or valuable items while on the move, then the best idea is to try and keep as many of them with you as possible. It’s recommended that you try and keep money, documents and ID with you in a car as you head towards your new home. A reputable moving company will keep things as safe as possible for you, but even experienced movers will recommend that you keep your really sensitive items to hand.

Work Out Your Utilities Before You Go

One of the biggest stresses people face when moving somewhere new is setting up utilities. Have you told your electricity or gas company that you’re moving? What about your phone and internet provider? Make sure to call up and make all the necessary arrangements before you leave. Otherwise, you may find yourself running out of steam when you reach the other end.

Moving home really doesn’t have to be stressful when you have a careful removal service by your side. However, so many people still try and take on their big moves on their own! Reach out to us and see how we can help make your move as seamless as possible with our removal service. Get in contact with us today on 01865774993, or visit our contact page.