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How To Choose The Right Removal Company For You?

The Benefits Of Hiring A Removal Company

Hiring a removal company alleviates the stress of moving house yourself and prevents any potential issues from occurring. Home removal workers understand the art of packing and what it takes to fully protect your items to prevent any breakages. Additionally, professionals follow strict health and safety procedures to carry items with minimal risk of injury. Carrying loads incorrectly can lead to serious injuries, so don’t risk completing a home move yourself.

As well as being physically demanding, house moving can be a stressful process. This is due to the timelines that need to be followed – whether it’s a deadline on when you need to be out of the property or a time constraint on the van you hired to carry out your home move. Issues that can be encountered along the way can also add to the stress of house moving. Such issues can for instance include items of furniture that turn out to be too large to go through a particular door or narrow corridor. Professional home removal companies can work around such issues and effectively resolve them.

How To Choose The Best Moving Company For You

Home removals can be completely stress-free when you choose the right company for your needs. It’s recommended that you choose an experienced company as they will be able to apply their expertise to carry out your move professionally and seamlessly. Choosing a local company is also recommended to avoid potential delays, which can potentially happen due to traffic in your area.

Choosing the right company also means considering any additional services that you may need as part of your move. Do you need storage in a safe location for a certain amount of time? Do you need house clearance services to return your previous property in the best state possible? If a removal company can provide all the extra services you need, it will save you time and potentially money by getting a quote combining all services.

How To Correctly Brief A Removal Company

Briefing a removal company for your house move is just as important as picking the right company for your needs. Important information to incorporate in your brief include:

  1. Large, bulky, and /or awkward items that may be difficult to move.
  2. Furniture that may need to be dismantled.
  3. Items that may require extra packing care – such as antiques, valuables, and artwork.
  4. Any furnishings that could easily be forgotten – for instance, carpets and curtains.
  5. Items that are not included in the move.
  6. A floor plan of the new property so that the movers unload items in the correct rooms.

Home removals may be perceived as a stressful life event. However, choosing the right company for you, integrating all the services you need in one quote, and briefing the chosen company correctly can help make your home move seamless and completely stress-free. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you calmly and safely move homes, get in touch today on 01865 744993 or head over to our contact page for more details.