Household items boxed up ready for move

Top Packing Tips For Moving House

Moving house is exciting but can also be stressful. The most important thing is that you stay organised and positive about the experience to make it enjoyable. That way, you’ll love your new home even more.

Staying completely on top of everything can be tricky, especially if you have children and pets that you need to move around. To keep you moving in the right direction, here are a few essential tips to ensure your house removal goes smoothly.

Space Saving Tips When Moving House

Packing Efficiently

During your home move, it’s tempting to pack everything up into boxes and unpack from scratch at the other end, but putting all that effort in isn’t efficient. You’re going to take your cabinets with you, so why not leave all your drawers as they are – full? Using your already packed drawers as extra boxes means that you simply have to take them out of the cabinets, then put them back exactly as they were at the other end. No hassle. Just make sure the cabinet doors can’t open while they’re being transported.

Transporting Wires

Wires are always a pain. They get tangled up inexplicably, even when you’re not touching them. When you’re moving your electrical items, there are bound to be a lot of wires and most people make the mistake of throwing them in a box all together. This, unfortunately, means that, when you get to the new house, you’ll spend hours untangling and trying to work out which wire fits which appliance. Instead, use elastic bands to tie up your wires and place wires for specific appliances together in food or carrier bags. When you get to your new home there won’t be any stressful de-tangling and you’ll be able to find everything immediately.

Making Use Of Available Space

Fill your containers with containers. When packing boxes, especially from your kitchen, you can probably fit 3 or 4 pots and pans into a single box. Considering that moving boxes aren’t cheap (or small), you’re wasting a ton of space and money there. If you have a large pan, place it in a box and fill it with other kitchen items. If it has a lid, you can stack multiple pans on top of each other in a single box, each filled to the top with herbs and spices or tinned items, for example.

Tips On Moving Valuables

You need to ensure your valuables are wrapped up carefully, so nothing breaks. Instead of investing in expensive packing materials, you can use some items you already have such as soft towels, tea towels, and clothing that are great cushions for your fragile items. They save you money, time, and are better for the environment.

Placing valuable and sometimes heavy items in suitcases rather than boxes can help you to move them safely. Rather than having to pick up heavy boxes full of glass, use a suitcase with wheels. It has the extra internal padding of the suitcase and doesn’t need to be lifted to be moved, guaranteeing a safer journey.

How To Stay Organised

Your house removals company will always advise you to take a photo of each box alongside the label. This means that you can quickly flip through your phone at the new address and know exactly what’s in each box if you need to find a particular item.

Colour coding is an excellent way to structure your drop-off when removal companies need to know where to place your boxes. Get some stickers for each of the boxes so you can distinguish between them. Blue for the bathroom, green for the kitchen, red for the bedroom, for example. This means you’ll be able to find things more easily and your removal company will be able to carry your heavier stuff closer to its final destination.

Remember to always have a plan before moving and create a checklist of tasks that need to be completed. Disorganised packing will undoubtedly lead to disorganised unpacking at the other end, so save yourself that added stress.

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