Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

Cleaning up time is something that many people do not look forward to, although some do enjoy the process of cleansing their home. Either way, it is a task that will need taking on from time to time. To help keep your home looking at its best and narrow down the chances of illness from unhygienic areas. If it is time to deep clean your house, here are some handy tips:

Protect Yourself

Before you begin, it is a good idea to protect yourself from anything that could make you ill, such as setting off an allergy. It is recommended that gloves are worn along with masks and hairnets. Some forms of protective clothing can help protect you from allergic reactions and other skin irritations.

Plan Your Clean

It may be that some of the areas of your home do not need to be cleaned, perhaps you already cleaned that area recently. However, there could be some areas that are in a bit more of a desperate state! With this in mind, spend a few minutes looking around your home and see which areas should be tackled as a priority.


Before taking on the dusting and wiping it is a good idea to look for any rooms you can declutter first. Then you will be able to clean up the furniture and surrounding areas much easier. If you have a lot of items that need to go, especially if they are large such as unwanted sofas, a larger house clearance may be required. A home clearance can be a great way to free up some space in your home and either earn money by selling the goods or donate to charity to help a good cause. A removal van service could help if you have a lot of stuff to clear, especially if its large or delicate items.

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Clean From Top To Bottom

The easiest way to spring clean your home is to start from the ceiling and then work down. This method will cause debris to fall downwards and prevent you from having to re-dust if you started with the floor and lower areas first.

Remember To Clean Your Air

Quite a few people forget about replacing furnace and HVAC filters when undertaking their clean up. But it is not something that should be overlooked as it is an important part of the cleaning process. Remember that air conditioner ducts build up with dust and if this is floating around the system it would likely spread around the house.

Don’t Forget To Clean Walls And Windows

When focusing on cleaning the floors and furniture sometimes it is easy to forget to take care of the walls and windows. But these are examples of areas that need to be clean as much as anywhere else. After all, dust can settle on both of these surfaces. You can clean windows with a steam cleaner whilst using a squeegee if you are using any form of window product containing chemicals be careful, some cleaning enthusiasts recommend against it as they could harm your window. Walls can best be wiped down with a damp towel from top to bottom.

So, if it is now time for you to do your spring clean hopefully you will take on a few of these tips and it won’t be too stressful an event! Clean in stages if it’s easier for you and you can always keep your mind busy by listening to the radio or your favourite artists as you complete your clean up. It will help the time pass quicker!

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