moving a filled storage box

Moving Tips and Hacks You Need to Know About

Moving your entire household can be a bit challenging, and the work involved is a dreaded part of any new home. But, what’s the ultimate key to successful moving?

To make your moving experience really simple and do it like a pro, you need to plan in advance. For instance, there’s nothing more challenging than trying to find extra packing boxes on your moving day due to not being prepared. Having a moving checklist and staying organised makes the moving process quicker and easier. Here are our moving tricks and tips you may not be aware of.

• Group your delicate items together

Moving to a new home can be exciting, however, the safety of your items should be your first priority. When packing keep your fragile and delicate items together in boxes or containers, and remember to mark them. This will help the movers know which euro containers require extra handling and care. After all, you do want your items getting there in one piece!

• Always pack your items by the day before

Trying to pack and label your items when the removal company is already at your home can be stressful. Whether it’s removing your child’s favourite picture from their bedroom wall or taking down your living room curtains, packing at least the day prior is always the least stressful option.

• Buy and order a lot of packing materials

Having enough packing boxes and supplies can definitely guarantee you a smooth and successful moving experience. Trying to order new boxes from your supplier can take a lot of time. That’s why it’s recommended to plan and organise yourself earlier. Furthermore, it’ll be much easier to dispose of any excess packing supplies if you have too many than trying to get new ones when it’s too late if you haven’t got enough.

• Don’t mix items

Packing can be a bit hectic, to make it easier, pack by room and don’t mix items from different rooms. This will help you when unpacking your items as each box can go straight to the room it needs to be in.

• Utilise the empty space in your refrigerator

If you’re planning to embark on a long distance move, the empty space in your refrigerator can serve you really well – you can pack lightweight items in your fridge to make the most of the space. However, you’ll need to pad the sides of your fridge to avoid denting.

Remember to defrost your refrigerator more than 24 hours prior to your moving day. Also, clean your fridge really well if you don’t want to deal with the smell of old food once you arrive at your new home.

• Throw away or donate unused possessions

Moving gives you the perfect opportunity to sort your things out. You don’t have to carry with you unwanted stuff just to clutter your new home. You can throw away or donate the things you don’t use, there will almost always be someone interested.

• Before you unplug your electronics, consider taking a picture

Once you’re in your long-awaited new home, the unpacking starts. You find yourself in a tricky situation trying to figure out which cord fits where. You can save yourself that hustle and time by taking pictures of the back of your electronics. This way, you won’t have to spend hours trying to work out how to set them all up again.

Moving can be a lot easier as long as the right planning and thought has gone into the process. Hopefully, these moving tips will make your next move a lot less stressful, to find out more about our removal services please feel free to get in touch.