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What not to keep in Self Storage

Individuals accumulate possessions over time. Whether self-acquired or inherited, lots of people have the tendency to hoard possessions. As sad as it is to relate with, the more possessions one acquires doesn’t always match the space they have. Also, as people move houses and acquire new belongings, the tendency to hoard increases, resulting in the need for more space. Most people, even after coming up with innovative storage tips such as hanging, stacking, shelving, using mini bins and boxes; still run out space. 

This leaves them with the option of giving away these items, disposing of them or having to rent a storage unit. Self-storage provides a temporary solution to decluttering while having the option of keeping belongings, especially if they’re still usable and holds sentimental value. However, not every possession is allowed in self-storage.

What Not to Keep in Self Storage

Cash and Expensive Items 

There is a “limitation of Value” section on leases that frowns upon storing valuables such as a really expensive item, cash or currency of any type. This is what banks and safes are made for. One shouldn’t take chances of keeping valuables in self-storage at the risk of getting robbed.

Perishables and Strong Smelling Items

As long as it’s edible, it’s perishable and will decompose. Food items and other perishables lure pests and rodents which not only affects your storage unit but can cause a ripple infestation effect to neighbouring units. Items with strong smells can also lure pests. A good storage tip and way of preventing this will be to keep scented items dry and in airtight containers.

Living Things 

Living things such as animals, plants and even human beings have no business being stored. Under no condition should you keep living things in self-storage, as not only is this illegal, it is unsafe, unhealthy and can cause suffocation.

Explosives and Firearms 

Flammable items such as gas, oil, explosives and even firearms are highly hazardous and can cause a fire, thereby destroying possessions. Unfortunate situations can to the death or injury of any unsuspecting individual within range of the fire outbreak.


Because storage units don’t have temperature regulators, they’re extremely cold during the winter and hot in the summertime. Electronics such as TVs, projectors and computers aren’t built to thrive under harsh temperature conditions, which can possibly result in dampness and moldiness in storage units. Electronics will get damaged after a period of time and therefore aren’t safe in self-storage.

Construction Material 

There is a tendency to want to keep construction and building material after usage as they may come in handy in the future and cost quite a bit. Good options for not throwing them away would either be to put them to use by renting them out and making money off of them, or by recycling them.

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