Moving House During Covid

Update on Home Moves During COVID 19

Are you keen to get back to moving house? The COVID-19 crisis has, unfortunately, made plenty of people’s home moving plans fairly difficult. Social distancing measures, designed to protect people at risk of catching the coronavirus, mean that it’s now not as easy as it was to simply pack up and move into a new property. For that reason, many people might be wondering if it is actually possible to take on home moves at all.

Luckily, government guidance suggests that house sales and home moves can still go-ahead to an extent. However, extreme caution is advisable. In fact, wherever possible, moving home should be delayed until after all lockdown measures are lifted. This, at the time of writing, may be some time to come. However, it is solely in the name of keeping people safe, especially the vulnerable.

Can I Move House?

Government advice is, generally, to continue moving home if you are already in the process of doing so. However, if you can delay doing so for a few weeks, then it is likely to be healthier to put things on pause. This is not just as a result of you spending time between two properties and plenty of time outdoors – but also as a result of social distancing measures which must be in place between home movers and their clients.

Social distancing measures state that you should try to stand at least two metres apart from other people wherever possible. Therefore, this might make the home moving process more than awkward for all involved.

If you are pre-committed to a home move of any kind, the government states that you can proceed, albeit carefully. However, there are some groups of people who must take extra care while doing so.

Are You At Risk?

If you are identifiable as at risk or are vulnerable, you must make sure that you only move home if it is absolutely necessary to do so. This applies to those people who are shielding or who are looking after elderly or vulnerable people at this time. Government and NHS advice states that vulnerable people should still keep as far away as possible from others during the lockdown.

Removal services should not take moves on unless it is clear that doing so does not pose a risk to any individuals, including their own team. If you are at risk or do not feel safe to continue moving house at this time, you should delay your move with removal services until it is safer to do so.


Planning Your Future Move

The recent conditions have brought a lot of sweeping changes to the lives of UK homeowners. Responsible moving companies will always be ready to help you move from one home to another once lockdown measures loosen further, and once it is clear that it is certainly safe for matters to proceed.

We are all in this together – the best option to take is to stay safe and to book your move in a few weeks’ time. If you have any enquiries, feel free to contact us on 01865 774993 or visit our contact page for more details.