The Ultimate Guide To Renting A Self-Storage Facility

Do you need a little extra space? Perhaps you’re travelling for a while, moving house or going home from Uni for the summer. Whatever your reason, extra storage is sometimes necessary. Self-storage facilities let you store your possessions for as long as you need. They’re the perfect solution for giving your valuables a home from home. So how do you find and rent the best self-storage facility? Read on to learn what to look for and everything you need to consider before choosing the right self-storage facility for you.

What’s Your Need?

First things first, pinpoint exactly what you need a storage facility for. Your answer will greatly impact the type of storage facility that is best suited to your needs. Then, consider what types of items you need to store. How long do you need to store your belongings? Which location is most convenient? Do you need to store valuable items? Answering these questions will narrow down your options and help you find the best-suited storage facility.

Location and Convenience Are Key

One of the most crucial aspects of renting storage space is its location. You need a storage facility that’s easy and quick to reach. Saving you precious time and essential money on travel costs. Hiring storage space is supposed to make life easier – ensure it does by choosing one that’s conveniently located for you.

Do You Need Flexibility?

Self-storage facilities can offer you a flexible and tailored solution. Cost-effective compared to renting a larger home or warehouse. You pay for strictly the space you need. Flexibility can be about more than the size too. Perhaps you need a storage space that allows you to adjust your lease when you need to. Or to be available at unsociable hours. Consider this when searching for a storage facility.

Safety and Security

Another key factor to note before choosing a storage space is the level of security. There can be great variation between one facility and another, so it’s always a good idea to find out exactly what security is in place.  Without sufficient safety and security, your possessions could be stolen, lost, vandalised or damaged. With proper security such as CCTV, security staff and secure access, your goods will be as good as when you left them.

Unit Size

Find out what storage unit sizes are available and work out which is best matched to your items.  Too big; you’ll be paying for unnecessary space, and your items could roll around and get damaged, or even get mislaid. Too small and your valuables could become broken and disorganised.

Store Your Goods With Bellview Transport Oxford

If you’re looking for an easy and secure storage solution, look no further than Bellview Transport Oxford. Their units are protected by CCTV and have the best security measures in the business. With a full assessment carried out prior to your rent, you get the perfect size unit, paying nothing more than you need to. Conveniently located and with the flexibility to suit the lease terms you require. Get in touch with one of our experienced team for a no-pressure chat about your storage needs.