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How does house clearance work?

House clearance is a service that still remains to puzzle many customers. It’s particularly a common question to many customers since they don’t understand how it exactly works. However, it isn’t really a subject that requires much explanation as it’s often very direct and easy to understand. Generally, house clearance refers to the removal of waste, rubbish and clutter from a home. The service is offered by removal companies, special clearance companies as well as general companies of waste removal. If you’re in need of a house clearance service, there’s a basic process that you’ll go through. The simple process is as follows:

1. Getting an Estimate

The very first thing is to obtain contacts the house clearance company that you want to ask to do your work. Once, you’re able to get in touch with them, you’ll ask them for a rough estimate of the charges they’ll expect from you. Getting in touch with these companies is no longer too much of a hustle as you can reach them online via the internet.

2. Compare the Price and Service

As much as the temptation to look at the price and nothing could be overwhelming, don’t give in to it whatsoever if you need an excellent job done for you. Furthermore, there are rogue companies that are cropping up and promise to be able to do great work for you at cheaper prices. However, you need to be careful to make sure you fall for their traps by looking only at how cheap their prices are. The thing is, these fly-tippers and rogue companies dispose of the rubbish in an illegal manner. If this happens for you, you may be held liable for a fine that results from the illegal disposition of the waste. The good thing is, there are 5 simple signs that will let you know whether a company is reputable or not. Look for:

• Ensure that the company is licensed to be a carrier of waste by the Environment Agency.

• Previous customers have given independent and honest reviews about the company.

• Check if the company has a good website as this can indicate whether the company is a long-term one.

• Has insurance that is up to date. This should include public liability insurance.

• Displays the registered company number prominently plus VAT is it’s required.

3. Make a Booking for the Service

After ensuring that the clearance company that you want to obtain their services is legit, the next step is to book in your service. All you’ll have to do is arrange for the date and time that your clearance work is to be started. The duration of a clearance job can range between an hour to a number of days. Paying a deposit so as to secure the booking is also common. A reminder should be provided one day before the house clearance day. However, the company should give you a notification before they arrive at the time you agreed.

4. When the Clearance Begins

When the clearance team gets to your house and introduced themselves, you should then show them what needs to be cleared in your house. The final price will then be provided before the team begins to lead up their vans at this stage. Once the job is completed, the remainder of the price of your clearance will need to be cleared.

5. Recycle and Reuse

The company will recycle, reuse, tip off or donate the items from your clearance work. A good clearance company limits landfill wastes.